Digital Learning incorporates many opportunities for digital learning. The basic forms of training include the following:




Game Based Learning

Training programs

Digital Learning formats are an ideal tool for supplementing the knowledge acquired in classical on-site courses.

Cisco Digital Library


It is a tool for complex and long-term control of changes in knowledge, acquisition of knowledge, and especially user behavior, in the form of a cloud-based online educational platform that combines the following in itself:

Educational part – short, interactive educational modules from the field of general and cybersecurity (currently with over 35 modules and customization option), Knowledge-verification tests – to test acquired knowledge and skills (currently it contains more than 200 questions from the field of security and allows to add additional questions, as well). Control part – with simulated phishing campaigns for regular user testing (large sample size, domain and customization option). Comprehensive reporting and analysis of each area.

Contact us for a non-binding introduction to the PSAT solutions and pricing adjusted to your needs. We provide assistance in the proper selection of the training modules and the compilation of the complete PSAT training program, and, in the event of a lack of capacity, we take over the full control of it. PSAT is partially customizable; on demand, we can prepare a customized solution for you.

Cybersecurity Awareness program

Within the framework of the Cybersecurity Awareness Program (the security awareness-raising of all functions of the organisation), ALEF NULA offers ongoing employee education to its clients in the field of cybersecurity.

For organisations regulated by Act no. 181 of 2014 Coll. (Cybersecurity Act), such a security awareness-raising system complies with the obligtions arising out of Section 9 of Regulation no. 316/2014 Coll. Within the framework of Section 9 of Regulation no. 316/2014 Coll., the obligation to develop document titled Security Awareness Development Plan was indicated, together with the obligation to ensure that a process consistent with such a document is in place. The security awareness raising service can be complemented by the full compliance with this legal obligation, which also specifies a training plan for all functions within the organisation and the provision of regular training records.

In order to fully cover the needs of the target organization, our company, ALEF also offers the opportunity to provide one-time or regular security education to users, in addition to the complex security awareness-raising program. The content of these trainings is fully adapted to the client organization.

Digital Academy – Cyber Security Courses

In cooperation with the Digiskills company, ALEF has developed four demonstration MicroLearning modules in cybersecurity. If the majority of the available e-Learning and MicroLearning courses are not suitable for your organization, we will create customized training modules for you.

ALEF Courses

Wi-Fi / 6 videos / 8min / author: Stanislav Techlovský

Social engeneering / 10 videos / 8min / author: Milan Habrcetl

E-mail / 12 videos / 12min / author: Jan Kopřiva

Web / 11 videos / 10min / author: Jan Kopřiva

Comming soon

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