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Implementing Cisco Tetration Analytics

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This course shows you how to deploy, use, and operate Cisco® Tetration Analytics™ platform for comprehensive workload-protection and application and network insights across a multicloud infrastructure. Through expert instruction, use cases, and hands-on labs, you will learn how the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform uses streaming telemetry, behavioral analysis, unsupervised machine learning, analytical intelligence, and big data analytics to deliver pervasive visibility, automated intent-based policy, workload protection, and performance management. You will get hands- on practice in software agent installation, implementing policy, workload security, administration and operational tasks, and more.


  • Knowledge of cloud and (virtual) data center architecture or cloud basic networking concepts
  • Familiarity with Cisco basic networking security concepts and application security concepts
  • Familiarity with basic Cisco telemetry protocols and Big Data analytics
  • Familiarity with basic Cisco data analytics pipelines, intelligent algorithms, tools, and concepts

These Cisco courses can help you meet these prerequisites:

  • Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms (DEVACS)
  • Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR)


  • Exploring Cisco Tetration
    • Data Center Challenges
    • Define and Position Cisco Tetration
    • Cisco Tetration Features
    • Cisco Tetration Architecture
    • Cisco Tetration Deployment Models
    • Cisco Tetration GUI Overview
  • Implementing and Operating Cisco Tetration
    • Explore Data Collection
    • Install the Software Agent
    • Install the Hardware Agent
    • Import Context Data
    • Describe Cisco Tetration Operational Concepts
  • Examining Cisco Tetration ADM and Application Insight
    • Describe Cisco Tetration Application Insight
    • Perform ADM
    • Interpret ADM Results Application Visibility
  • Examining Cisco Tetration Intent-Based Networking
    • Describe Intent-Based Policy
    • Examine Policy Features
    • Implement Policies
  • Enforcing Tetration Policy Pipeline and Compliance
    • Examine Policy Enforcement
    • Implement Application Policy
    • Examine Policy Compliance Verification and Simulation
  • Examining Tetration Security Use Cases
    • Examine Workload Security
    • Attack Prevention
    • Attack Detection
    • Attack Remediation
  • Examining IT Operations Use Cases
    • Key Features and IT Operations Use Cases
    • Performing Operations in Neighborhood App-based Use Cases
  • Examining Platform Enhancement Use Cases
    • Integrations and Advanced Features
    • Third-party Integration Examples
    • Explore Data Platform Capabilities
  • Exploring Cisco Tetration Analytics Administration
    • Examine User Authentication and Authorization
    • Examine Cluster Management
    • Configure Alerts and Syslog

LAB Contents:

  • Cisco Tetration GUI Familiarization
  • Software Installation
  • Importing Context Data
  • Scopes
  • Application Dependency Mapping with Agents
  • Implementing Policy
  • Policy Enforcement and Compliance
  • Workload Security
  • IT Operations
  • Administration


All participants will receive an electronic version of Cisco learning materials.

Technical equipment

Personal Laptops can be advantage, Official Cisco LABs

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