Code: VOICE2 Collaboration ALEF Difficulty: Advanced

Advanced administration of CUCM and signaling protocols

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Bratislava, SK, Slovak

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Bratislava, SK, Slovak

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Budapest, HU, Hungarian

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Prague, CZ, Czech
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By completion of this course participant will understand the internal processes of voice gateway, will be able to analyze calls passing through the voice gateway, which is necessary to implement, operate and possibly resolving problems in practice. He will test configuration of the voice gateway with ISDN PRI connection, which is still commonly used to connect IP telephony solution to the network of the service provider. Basic administration of UC solutions also includes monitoring of the real-time parameters. To do so, it is possible to use Real Time Monitoring Tool. Participant will briefly familiarize with in practice and learn how to utilize it, among other things to resolve problems in your network. Some of the CUCM administrative procedures should be performed via SSH. The participant will gain practical experience to do so and will become familiar with the possibilities of this interface. In case that the participant manages redundant CUCM solution, it is important to have the knowledge of the system database and optionally troubleshooting problems with database replication within a cluster. Each CUCM administrator has ever been required to configure greater number of devices - eg. adding a greater number of IP telephony. In that case knowledge of Bulk Administrative Tool comes handy. This tool can be used for various bulk operations in configuration. UC system with complex configuration necessarily needs backup. The participant will learn how to backup the configuration, but also how to restore in case of system reinstallation. During the implementation or the operation it is sometimes necessary to solve problems with signaling. It is needed to understand signaling protocols that UC solutions utilize. The participant will familiarize with them practically and understand their functions. The course is suitable for participants who already have practical and theoretical knowledge of Cisco UC solutions, or completed the course VOICE1, eventually COLLAB1.


5 days (8h/day)

Training format

As a standard, we implement a full-time course (onsite or ILT *) in the ALEF Training Center. Upon agreement, it is possible to implement the course at the client's premises. The course can also be implemented online (vILT **) via a video conferencing platform - Cisco Webex meetings. Instructor- led virtual training is a combination of the best of a traditional classroom course and interactive training without having to leave your own office or the comfort of your home. Convince yourself of top quality transmission, video calls and effective team collaboration.


  • ILT - Instructor Led-Training * - instructor-led training in the classroom. ** vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) - this is a form of distance learning, where the instructor conducts training from the classroom through an online platform to which students connect from their offices or the comfort of their home.


  • Cisco Voice GW
    • Router call flow
    • Troubleshooting commands
  • CUCM
    • RTMT
    • CLI
    • BAT
    • DRF
  • Signaling protocols of GW a CUCM
    • SIP
    • MGCP
    • SCCP
    • H.323


Participants will receive access to an electronic version of the study materials.

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We also deliver the high-quality multimedia sharing for efficient, effective virtual communication on a global scale. In the Competence Center is also available Spark Board. Cisco Sparkboard integrates the most common tools needed for team collaboration in physical meeting rooms into a single elegant device. It also combines white board, video or audio conference features.

All ALEF training centres operates with testing centre that provides full acess to take an exam and get certificate provided by our vendors. ALEF provides to our customer complete management and administration.

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In addition to the certified trainings, we offer special courses that are focused primarily on the development of the necessary configuration skills.


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