Terms and conditions

Contract terms and conditions of trainings and tests held by
ALEF DistributionRO S.A. (hereinafter referred to as: “T&Cs”)

Version 1.0
Effective from June 2020

1. Introduction

These contract terms and conditions preside over the legal relations between the client and the training provider regarding trainings and / or courses and / or tests offered by ALEF Training Center Romania (hereinafter referred to as: “Trainings”), and the training provider ALEF Distribution RO S.A, registration no.: 37561959, registered office: Bld  Dimitrie Pompieu . nr. 6E, etaj 8, sector 2, Bucharest (hereinafter referred to as: “ALEF”).

These contract terms and conditions may be unilaterally changed by ALEF. The rights and obligations of clients who purchase trainings by ALEF shall at all times be governed by the T&Cs effective at the time a purchase order has been submitted to ALEF through the official channels (e-mail or website), either via a PO (Purchase Order) or by sending a contract via a purchase order form specifying the details of the training, participants, and the offer. This version of the wording of the T&Cs is binding for the client who purchases a training offered by ALEF Training Center.

It is the responsibility of the client to continuously monitor the prevailing wording of the T&Cs (the wording of the T&Cs is regularly marked with the version number) and to be aware of its contents. All versions of the T&Cs, including the prevailing version, are published on ALEF’s website: https://training.alef.com/ro.

The prices of trainings offered by ALEF (ALEF Training Center) are listed on the website of ALEF Training Center (https://training.alef.com/ro.) and/or may be provided by the ALEF team representatives upon request (to be sent to ro-training@alef.com).

Training prices are listed on the website. The listed prices do not include VAT.

2. Ordering a training

The training order can be submitted via the ALEF Training Center website http://training.alef.com or by e-mail to ro-training@alef.com.

Each order must include the necessary data for invoicing and registering, namely:

  • data of the legal entity or natural person (the client) for which the invoice will be issued, including the tax number, registered office and any other useful information;
  • an explicit reference that the order is governed by the rights and obligations contained in the prevailing T&Cs published on ALEF’s website https://training.alef.com/ro, which the client is aware of and abides by;
  • the names and contact information of the training participants;
  • the type of training and the date the participant(s) wish to attend;
  • the selected training, based on the offer by ALEF Training Center: either a training published on the website as mentioned above or one sent by an ALEF representative via email from ro-training@alef.com
  • the selected methods of payment:

–pro forma invoices shall be paid by bank transfer or by bank card (where this payment method is available and offered by ALEF Distribution RO S.A at the specified time);

– or by other payment methods as stated in the ALEF offer/pricing policy (e.g. Cisco Learning Credits: but only where the special terms of offer apply and the details are specified on how they should be acquired, and are within their term of validity)

Upon receipt of the order, an ALEF representative from the ALEF Training Team will send the order confirmation to the client and each registered participant within 48 hours if the training date is available. In the event that the date of the selected training is unavailable, the client and each registered participant will be contacted with alternative dates by the ALEF representative.

The participants will receive an electronic invitation at least one week before the start of training with more detailed organizational information such as the training start date, the venue, and other information.

3. Paying for a training

The participation fee includes teaching, access to computer technology, study materials and the issuance of a certificate of completion of the training. The price of the training also includes various soft drinks and a hot lunch if the training takes place on the premises of ALEF Distribution HU Kft. In the event the training is held off company premises, refreshments and lunch are subject to a separate agreement between the client and ALEF.

The terms of payment for the price of training(s) ordered shall be consistent with the contract for training and services rendered to the client by ALEF or by way of a PO (Purchase Order), where applicable, where the details of the payment terms are specified clearly, in particular, where the clients are existing clients of the ALEF Training Center.

For new clients of ALEF who consider attending trainings offered by ALEF Training Center and submit a firm purchase order to this end, we shall require payment in advance no later than 1 week prior to the start the training, depending on the training chosen from ALEF Training Center.

Payment terms are subject to change as some  labs require reservation fees on behalf of the producer. The participant’s attendance at the training shall be deemed confirmed only after ALEF has received the necessary advance payments.

Where ALEF accepts ALEF Training Credits (ATC) in Romania that may be used to pay for the training, a relevant general notice shall be sent to clients of ALEF Distribution RO S.A. via its official communication channels. Any information about ALEF Training Credits may be obtained and validated only by the local team at the ALEF Training Center in Romania.

Where a company wishes to use Cisco Learning Credits (CLC) for the trainings of ALEF Training Center in Romania, they can only be used for CISCO-certified trainings. ALEF accepts this payment method only after obtaining the final validation of the CLC provider (CISCO) based on details provided by the client.

In the event of late payment of the training fees, ALEF shall consider penalties set appropriately by mutual consent according to the contract for training and services or the PO, as applicable.

4. Cancellation policy

The request for free cancellation of participation in certified training must be provided at least 35 business days before the start date of the training by email to ro-training@alef.com, or to the representative from the ALEF Training Center Romania who confirmed the order.

In case of cancellation less than 35 business days before the start date of the training, the cancellation policy is as follows:

  • cancellation of participation in a certified training less than 35 business days before the date of the start date of the training - cancellation fee (excluding VAT) is 50% of the training price (excluding VAT);
  • cancellation of participation in a certified training less than 10 business days before the start date of the training - cancellation fee (excluding VAT) is 100% of the training price (excluding VAT).

The request for the cancellation of non-certified trainings must be sent no later than 10 business days before the date of commencement of the training. If the request is sent later, a cancellation fee (excluding VAT) of 100% of the training price (excluding VAT) will be charged.

Cancellation fees shall be paid according to the business agreements as specified in the contract or the PO.

5. Organizational changes

The ALEF Company (ALEF Training Center Romania) reserves the right to cancel the planned training date in case of unexpected events, such as the lecturer falling ill or the interruption of utilities or services (electricity, internet, etc.), as well as a state of emergency declared by the authorities in the event of a pandemic, etc.

ALEF also reserves the right to cancel the training date if the number of participants is insufficient to complete the training. In this case, the client and the registered participants will be contacted with a new possible date according to the current offer by ALEF Training Center.

6. Electronic materials

In connection with the new trend of providing electronic training materials for certified Cisco, Microsoft, etc. trainings, participants must bring their laptop with them. Alternatively, they can request a free loaner laptop at least one week prior to the start date of the training.

7. Final provisions

These T&Cs shall constitute the basis of the legal relations between ALEF and the clients who consider purchasing trainings offered by ALEF Training Center and business relations are concurrently governed by the laws in force in Romania.


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