Advanced Configuration of Cisco Switches

Code: RS1Technology: InfrastructureVendor: ALEFDifficulty: Beginner


The course is designed for network administrators of larger enterprise networks and service providers (Internet, data transport), who require more detailed theoretical information and practical experience regarding the new features and services usable on Cisco switches. After completing the course participants will be familiar with new versions of spanning tree protocol (IEEE 802.1w, 802.1s, Rapid-PVST+), Ethernet tunneling using Q-in-Q and L2 protocol tunneling. In addition, participants also gain basic experience with advanced security implementation - DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspaction - DAI, IP Source Guard, Private VLANs, etc.

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Knowledge of basic concepts in the field of internetworking, OSI model, TCP/IP protocol and Ethernet technology in the range of A0/ICND1 training. Furthermore, knowledge of configuration of Cisco switches, VLAN, IEEE 802.1d, inter VLAN routing in the range of A2/CCNA training.


  • Q-in-Q tunneling
  • Rapid Spanning Tree, IEEE 802.1w
  • Multiple Spanning Tree, IEEE 802.1s
  • Additional Spanning Tree features (Root Guard, BPDU Guard, Loop Guard, BPDU Filter, UDLD)
  • Errdisable Port State
  • Protection against spoofing attacks
  • Private VLAN
  • Campus Deployment Models


Participants will receive a copy of the exhibited presentation.

Technical equipment

Cisco Catalyst Series Switches: 2960 (L2), 3560 or 3750 (L2/L3) respectively.

Current dates

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Follow-up courses

graph TD; RS1-->DC-N51; click RS1 "/en/advanced-configuration-of-cisco-switches.p2326.html" "Advanced Configuration of Cisco Switches"; class RS1 nodeCustomActStyle; click DC-N51 "/en/cisco-nexus-5000-2000-in-data-center.p2262.html" "Cisco Nexus 5000/2000 in Data Center"; class DC-N51 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-N57; click DC-N57 "/en/implementing-cisco-nexus-2000-5000-7000-in-data-center.p8977.html" "Implementing Cisco Nexus 2000/5000/7000 in Data Center"; class DC-N57 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-N71; click DC-N71 "/en/cisco-nexus-7000-hardware-and-basic-cofiguration.p2263.html" "Cisco Nexus 7000 - Hardware and Basic Cofiguration"; class DC-N71 nodeCustomStyle; DC-N71-->DC-N72; click DC-N72 "/en/cisco-nexus-7000-advanced-configuration.p2264.html" "Cisco Nexus 7000 Advanced Configuration"; class DC-N72 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-N91; click DC-N91 "/en/cisco-nexus-9300-9500-nxos-mode.p2265.html" "Cisco Nexus 9300/9500 - NXOS mode"; class DC-N91 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-N92; click DC-N92 "/en/cisco-nexus-9300-9500-and-application-centric-infrastruct.p2266.html" "Cisco Nexus 9300/9500 and Application Centric Infrastruct."; class DC-N92 nodeCustomStyle; DC-N92-->DC-PRG2; click DC-PRG2 "/en/cisco-aci-programmability.p9212.html" "Cisco ACI Programmability"; class DC-PRG2 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-PRG1; click DC-PRG1 "/en/cisco-nexus-programmability.p2428.html" "Cisco Nexus Programmability"; class DC-PRG1 nodeCustomStyle; RS1-->DC-S2; click DC-S2 "/en/advanced-san-configuration-and-fcoe.p2268.html" "Advanced SAN Configuration and FCoE"; class DC-S2 nodeCustomStyle;

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Training rooms

ALEF Training has 5 training rooms. Three of these classrooms are named by continents - Australia, and Europe has a capacity of 8 seats, Africa for 12 points. There are still classrooms engine room (12 seats) and the Competence Center with 18 seats.

We continuously modernize the training rooms. In the Competence Center we use for training and seminars Cisco Spark Board. Spark board is essentially a giant tablet that combines the functions and whiteboard screen for video conferencing. You have the unique opportunity to experience the modern medium of communication.

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Team of instructors

Our team, consisting of more than 50 lecturers, offers a full range of technologies in the area of routing and switching, security, collaboration and data centres.

The uniqueness of our lecturers lies mainly in the fact that they have extensive practical experience from various projects. They can thus respond very flexibly to any question or comment from the students. The lecturers pass their practical knowledge on to the participants of the trainings. Thanks to the synergy of the reliable operation of the company and years of experience, we have been able to respond flexibly to the upcoming changes in Cisco specializations, so we can guarantee a wide range of certified courses that will allow you and your colleagues to acquire the necessary know-how for the subsequent certification tests.

In addition to the certified trainings, we offer special courses that are focused primarily on the development of the necessary configuration skills.

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ALEF NULA provides training since 1995.

In that time has trained tens of thousands of participants. The uniqueness of our training is to transfer knowledge both on theoretical and practical level. Among the largest customers include: T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica O2, Škoda Auto, Peugeot Citroën Automobiles, Siemens and others.

Our training customers include:

  • Škoda Auto
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  • Vodafone
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  • U.S.Steel Košice
  • VOLKSWAGEN Slovakia


Collaboration with our partners is an essential part of our growth and success.

CiscoCisco is the largest provider of networking technologies in the world that are the basis of data, voice and video communications on the Internet and corporate computer networks. ALEFs partnership with Cisco has multiple levels. In the area of solution implementation it is a Cisco Gold Partner, in the area of education it is a Specialized Cisco Learning Partner.

NetappNetApp is a world leader in storage and management dat. Due to continuous investment in the development of their solutions able since 1992 to hold long-term leadership in introducing innovative approaches.

IronPortIronPort je dodávateľom unikátnej technológie, v súčasnosti patriacej do portfólia Cisco Systems, ktorá sa zameriava na e-mailovú a webovú bezpečnosť. Alef je jediným distribútorom IronPortu v Českej republike a na Slovensku, ako jediný prevádzkuje IronPort Authorized Training Center v Českej a Slovenskej republike.

f5F5 Networks is the global leader in solutions for the secure distribution and management of communications traffic applications. F5 provides comprehensive solutions focused on acceleration, security and availability of applications to maximize the user experience.

vmware VMware is one of the largest providers of virtualization software in the world. ALEF partnership consists primarily of activities within the scope of Cisco Data center specialization. ALEF Training also offers a special Vmware course for the administration of end stations.

Pearson VUE is a global certificate authority, which offers a portfolio of several hundred tests in the field of information-communications technology. It covers the technology company Cisco Systems, VMware, Adobe, Citrix, CompTIA or Tanberg. The test centers of their partner Pearson VUE puts stringent requirements to meet ALEF Training.

gopasThe GOPAS Computer School is the largest information technology training provider on the Czech and Slovak markets. The technical courses are attended annually by almost 30,000 students, most of them IT specialists. Despite operating on a relatively small market, GOPAS is among major IT training providers in Europe.

goodeaGoodea Company is engaged in consulting and educational activities.


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