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Multicast Advanced

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Prague, CZ, Czech

Budapest, HU, Hungarian

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This course is for technical professionals who have responsibilities designing, configuring, and troubleshooting IP Multicast. Focus is on advanced features for Service Provider networks.

Training format

As a standard, we implement a full-time course (onsite or ILT *) in the ALEF Training Center. Upon agreement, it is possible to implement the course at the client's premises.

Due to the impossibility of preparing a remote lab and at the same time the complexity of the course, the course cannot be implemented in online / vILT form).


  • ILT - Instructor Led-Training * - instructor-led training in the classroom. ** vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) - this is a form of distance learning, where the instructor conducts training from the classroom through an online platform to which students connect from their office or the comfort of their home.


Knowledge covered in RS12 - Basic Multicast course is must. We also recommend knowledge covered in RS7 - Basic MPLS course.


  • PIM Protocol Extensions
    • Bidirectional PIM, Phantom RP
  • NBMA Network
    • Multicast support and problems, NBMA mode
  • Source Redundancy
    • Examples of source redundancy solutions
  • MBGP
    • AFI, SAFI, NLRI, RPF check priority
  • Multicast VPN (mVPN)
    • Challenges and requirements, Default MDT, Data MDT
  • InterAS Multicast
    • MSDP, Automatic Multicast Tunneling
  • InterAS mVPN
    • InterAS VPN review (option A,B,C), BGP Connector, RPF Vector
  • Extranet mVPN
    • Support for Multicast exchange in different MVRF


Participants will receive a copy of the presentation in virtual form.

Technical equipment

Cisco 2800 family routers, Cisco 2960 family switches or higher.

Tailored trainings

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Training rooms

ALEF operates with training rooms match submarine's style to unexpected, unusual while still being smart and available to work in. We have several type of rooms for small groups and up to larger rooms with modern technical equipment and supportive technologies we provide.

We also deliver the high-quality multimedia sharing for efficient, effective virtual communication on a global scale. In the Competence Center is also available Spark Board. Cisco Sparkboard integrates the most common tools needed for team collaboration in physical meeting rooms into a single elegant device. It also combines white board, video or audio conference features.

All ALEF training centres operates with testing centre that provides full acess to take an exam and get certificate provided by our vendors. ALEF provides to our customer complete management and administration.

Training rooms – Prague

Team of lecturers

Our team - consisting of more than 50 instructors - offers a full range of technological knowledge in the field of routing, switching, security, collaboration and data centers. The expertise of instructors is evidenced by a range of top-level international certifications.

The uniqueness of our lecturers lies mainly in their extensive experience in connection with each project, allowing them to respond very flexibly to any question or suggestion from students, and to pass on their practical knowledge to the participants of these courses. Thanks to the synergy of the company’s reliable operation and many years of experience, we have been very flexible in responding to the changes prepared in the Cisco field, so we can guarantee you a wide range of certified courses that enable you and your colleagues to acquire the necessary know-how for future certification tests.

In addition to the certified trainings, we offer special courses that are focused primarily on the development of the necessary configuration skills.


200 +



Training rooms




Certified lecturers



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