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Open Agile Architecture

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Open Agile Architecture (O-AA) is a brand new standard published by The Open Group in the second half of 2020. It contains a lot of useful techniques for agile and digital transformation of the architecture of the organisation.

Compared to other standards it focuses on current needs of architects and offers a number of concrete practical examples.

O-AA combines proven procedures into a coherent and functional unit. In addition to the standard, the course also includes many examples from the practice of our consultants and trainers which we use to explain how we design and control the architecture in an agile organisation.

On top of the content defined by The Open Group consortium we added additional content which shows how to design and manage the architecture in an agile environment.

  • Agile transformation in big corporation utilising Spotify and other agile approaches
  • Transformation of hierarchical organisation into autonomous units – tribes and squads – benefits and risks.
  • Non-agile methodologies integration into agile environment
  • Using customer journeys to understand customer needs and their benefits to architects.
  • Using Value streams, relationship to customer journeys and processes
  • Business capabilities development and evolution with relation to Value streams
  • Agile strategy definition – specifics and differences to standard strategy approaches
  • Real product architecture definition examples and product componentisation
  • Examples on agile software architecture, and event based integration


  • Introduction What agile transformation is and what is the motivation behind Differences between “agile” and real agile transformation Why to combine agile with digital transformation
  • Architecture design Strategy Enterprise identity and culture Value What Enterprise IS What Enterprise DOES Data and information Artificial intelligence
  • Intentional and emergent architectures Difference between intentional and emergent architectures Recommended ratio of intentional and emergent architectures Development and detail of the intentional architecture Example
  • Continuous architecture refactoring What is the architecture refactoring Business reasons for architecture refactoring Tools and techniques for architecture refactoring
  • Organisational aspects of agile architecture Distribution of responsibilities, autonomous teams Organisational changes Changes to company culture Connecting development with operations using the DevOps Architecture governance in agile organisation Example
  • Axioms of agile architecture How to use axioms in architecture design Basic 16 axioms
  • Agile architecture building blocks Overview on building blocks Organisation segmentation Mindset changes
  • Agile strategy Basic principles for agile strategy How to succeed with agile architecture strategy design
  • Agile organisation Applying the Inverse Conway Maneuver Autonomy and self-organisation Product teams Platform teams Other types of teams Product manager vs. Product owner Transformation to agile organisational setup Example
  • Product architecture and experience design product and service product quality Jobs-To-Be-Done technique Product modularity and variants product integration Product platforms Example
  • Customer journeys and Value streams Customer to Enterprise interactions Moments of truth Value streams and relationship to business processes Value perspective Waste, mura and muri Example
  • Operations architecture Use of business capabilities and capability planning Supporting technologies Example
  • Data information and AI Data flows and AI Monolithic and decentralised data models Machine learning as part of agile architecture Event storming
  • Event storming technique – when to use Principles and types of event storming Notation Domain-driven design (DDD) DDD basics DDD in agile architecture
  • Domain, bounded context Context maps Patterns Example
  • Software and hardware architecture Event-driven architecture – loose coupling using event-driven approach Hexagonal architecture – principles and patterns „Non-functional“ requirements Infrastructure as Code – Hardware defined by code Example
  • Summary

  • This course is conducted and delivered by Goodea who holds a TOGAF®, ArchiMate® ands Open Agile Architecture™ Commercial Licenses issued by The Open Group. The Service Provider acts as a service provider to Goodea and is not required to be licensed by The Open Group.

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ALEF operates with training rooms match submarine's style to unexpected, unusual while still being smart and available to work in. We have several type of rooms for small groups and up to larger rooms with modern technical equipment and supportive technologies we provide.

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Training rooms – Prague

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Our team - consisting of more than 50 instructors - offers a full range of technological knowledge in the field of routing, switching, security, collaboration and data centers. The expertise of instructors is evidenced by a range of top-level international certifications.

The uniqueness of our lecturers lies mainly in their extensive experience in connection with each project, allowing them to respond very flexibly to any question or suggestion from students, and to pass on their practical knowledge to the participants of these courses. Thanks to the synergy of the company’s reliable operation and many years of experience, we have been very flexible in responding to the changes prepared in the Cisco field, so we can guarantee you a wide range of certified courses that enable you and your colleagues to acquire the necessary know-how for future certification tests.

In addition to the certified trainings, we offer special courses that are focused primarily on the development of the necessary configuration skills.

Karel PouzarKarel Pouzar

Senior Solution Architect - Cloud

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS Certified Security – Specialty, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate, AWS Authorized Instructor Champion Cisco CCIE R&S #20198, CCNP Ent, CCNP SP

Karel is a Senior Solution Architect for Cloud at Alef. He has long been involved in infrastructure and its virtualization in large networks and data centres of service providers. In recent years, he has been involved in the design and implementation of hybrid Cloud solutions.  

He is an avid user and promoter of new technologies, which he capitalizes on as a Cloud Ambassador for the Expert Centre's Infrastructure Team. At the Alef Group, he is the lead trainer for AWS training, where he’s the AWS Authorised Instructor Champion.

Jan KopřivaJan Kopřiva

Team lead CSIRT - incident response and offensive security

Multiple certifications & M.Sc. in Cyber security, Multiple certifications & B.Sc. in Education and teaching, Author of numerous security courses

Jan Kopřiva is the team lead of an incident response and offensive security team at ALEF Group and an Incident Handler with the renowned SANS Internet Storm Center. Jan started his career as a blue teamer, but slowly moved into offensive security as well. His current professional interests lie mainly in the areas of security, which traditionally fall within the purview of purple teams. He has authored multiple security courses as well as numerous research papers and articles focused on different aspects of cyber security and he regularly speaks at security conferences and other industry events.

Peter FroloPeter Frolo

Systems Engineer

CCSI# 35715, CCNP Enterprise, SD-WAN Specialist, Devnet Associate

Peter works at ALEF Zero as a systems engineer in the SPRS team. His job is mainly to design and implement network solutions from Cisco's Enterprise class portfolio, based on various Catalyst (9K, 8K) and ISR network elements. He specializes primarily in Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology, in which Peter is a certified SD-WAN Implementation Specialist. He also participated in the first implementation of SD-WAN technology at ALEF. Peter also works as a certified Cisco instructor with many years of experience.

Jan JanovicJan Janovic

Team Leader, DC-NET

Double CCIE DC|R&S #55858, CCNP DevNet, CCSI #35493, AWS Solution Architect and Developer Associate

Honza is a Datacenter Networking Teamleader at Alef. Together with his team, he specializes in a variety of networking solutions, primarily built on the Cisco Nexus switch platform - traditional vPC architecture, VXLAN BGP EVPN factories, and Cisco ACI. He also focuses on analytical tools, programmability and the automation of all these solutions, as well as their integration with the public cloud. In 2020, he became the Alef Group's first holder of the new CCNP DevNet certification, and also received the DevNet500 award for being among the top 500 DevNet certified engineers worldwide. In 2021 he became the only Double CCIE holder in the ALEF group, and the first in the world to pass any new version of the CCIE exam following changes to Cisco's certification program in February 2020. Honza has logged more than 1,000 hours in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Jiří ŠolcJiří Šolc

Enterprise/Solution Architect

CCDA, CCNP Collaboration, AWS, ITIL, TOGAF, ArchiMate, IPMA

Jirka works at Alef as an Enterprise/Solution Architect, and is responsible for the comprehensive development of ICT solutions for key customers. He has over 10 years’ experience in technical, consulting and management practice. He has been involved in the design, implementation and management of a number of infrastructure, security, communications and digital transformation projects.

His specialties include the interconnection of the business and ICT worlds through Enterprise and Solution Architecture. This involves extensive communication with people in different roles across roles and organisational structures, the analysis of complex ICT environments, the preparation of projects including advocacy for their benefits, budgets, and interdependencies, and overall strategic ICT development planning. You will see him regularly speaking at conferences and workshops.

Filip PávekFilip Pávek

Senior Security Architect

CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security, CCNA CyberOps, C|EH, CCSI #35271

Filip works at Alef as a Security Architect and is responsible for consulting, designing solutions, and leading security-technology focused projects. He gained his technical experience as a system engineer, first in Routing & Switching and then mainly in security. Filip is also a certified Cisco instructor, so you could meet him in your educational activities at our training centre. His passion for self-education and spreading technical awareness is also demonstrated by his having been a lecturer at Cisco Academy for over 10 years.


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